About Us

Where Our Journey Started…

Travelonlineshop.com was founded by a group of experienced travellers and business companions tired of having to scour the Web to find luggage and accessories to facilitate their journeys. They decided to take matters in to their own hands to provide a “one stop shop” and here we are. In an ever evolving fast paced environment, the world is continually becoming a smaller place. Travel has become a crucial part of our daily routines and we believe there are many more people just like us. People travel worldwide in a way that was unimaginable 20 years ago. This demand had meant there is a need like never before for travel goods and accessories to make travelling as stress free as possible and dare we say it…fun. Whether it’s for the business traveller, globe trotter or a holiday maker our aim is simple –

To provide quality travel luggage and accessories to exceed the demands of the world we live in today and make travelling a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

At www.travelonlineshop.com we search the globe looking at thousands of products selecting the best few hundred products, the most essential travel items, the lightest luggage, the most innovative accessories that compliment today’s traveller.

We endeavour to provide you with a truly great collection of innovative, interesting and essential products that you’d be hard pushed to find in one place anywhere else on earth.

Our website is designed with easy navigation in the same way as we wish your travel to be… easy, effortless and enjoyable. We never forget the only reason we are here is for our customers so your experience and comments are important to us whether it’s to review a product or to tell us of a product you’d like us to look out for.